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Industry News -Why Gamification Works
With the transition to virtual workplaces, it may be time to think outside-the-box to encourage employee participation, and gamification might be a great option for your company! Check out this video for more information.
Industry News - Understand Genetic Counseling and Testing
Being proactive about your health can help lower your risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we're sharing this infographic on great ways you can lower your risk.
Open enrollment - Winters-Oliver Infographic
Open enrollment meetings look different for everyone this year--but they aren't without some surprising benefits! Check out our infographic to learn more.
Industry News- 5 Vacation Benefits That Ensure Employees Take PTO
As we move into the last quarter of a very difficult year, many employers are encouraging their workers to take advantage of their vacation time to help keep employees from burning out. Read this article on ways employers can increase the likelihood employees take their earned time off.
Check out this video on how you can maximize your HSA benefits!
If you're enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan, you can contribute to an HSA. But, don't let those tax-free dollars sit there! Check out this video on how you can maximize your HSA benefits!
Industry News - Leading During a Pandemic
It is difficult to predict what the future will look like with so many changes still happening in the workplace and at home since the pandemic erupted in our country. So how can we lead a company, a team or those around us during these times? Read this article for some helpful tips.
Stay healthy in 2020 - Winters-Oliver Video
We are all working hard to stay healthy in 2020. Preventive care services can help you accomplish this goal. In fact, it's as easy as 1-2-3!
If you're an employer that provides group health coverage to your workers, this is for you! The deadline to distribute your plan's Medicare D notices is October 15th. Read this article for more details.
Industry News - October is Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Did you know that October is Distracted Driving Awareness Month? Check out this video showing 5 simple tips to avoid distractions while driving, keeping you and your passengers safe.
Industry News - How Bad Is It Really to Use Blue Light Before Bed?
If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep or tossing and turning throughout the night, it can't hurt to limit your blue light exposure. Check out this article on blue light and ways you can get better sleep at night.
Industry Newes - Advantages of Telehealth Services
It seems that much of our world has gone virtual these days. While telemedicine has always been virtual, the demand for it has grown tremendously over recent months. Check out this infographic on advantages of telemedicine and telemental services.
Industry News - 4 Keys to Better Connecting with Your Customers
As many employers have consulted with their insurance brokers to help them navigate through changing policies and procedures during this global crisis, this is a great time to focus on connecting with clients and giving them an excellent customer experience. Check out this Zywave article on ways to better connect with your customers.
Industry News - Gamification in the Workplace
We're heading into open enrollment season! With so many companies transitioning to virtual workplaces, it may be a great time to get creative when educating and encouraging employees to enroll. Check out this infographic on gamification, why it works and a list of resources that may help you.
5 Tools to Avoid Burnout - Winters-Oliver Video
While providing care for an aging loved one, many caregivers can succumb to care-fatigue. Watch our latest video to learn 5 tools for caregivers to use to avoid burnout.
Industry News - 9 Books Every HR Pro Should Read in 2020
So many of us found ourselves at home and with more time on our hands during quarantine. For HR professionals, this was a great time to pick up a book and continue to develop professionally! Check out this article for a list of 9 books to stretch your HR muscles.
Industry News - What You Need to Know Before Disciplining or Terminating an Employee / ThinkHR
The process of having to take corrective action or terminate an employee is never a pleasant one. Read this article on ways employers can minimize the legal risks involved and make this difficult process as productive as possible.
Industry News - Check out this fact sheet from ThinkHR with some of the most frequently asked questions.
As children go back to school, either in-person or virtually from home, there are a number of questions employers have about employee leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Check out this fact sheet from ThinkHR with some of the most frequently asked questions.
Industry News - pros and cons of telemedicine and what to expect at your appointment.
The popularity of telemedicine has exploded in the midst of the global pandemic and what once was not often covered by insurance can be considered the same as an in-person visit now. Check out this article on the pros and cons of telemedicine and what to expect at your appointment.
Industry News: 5 Remote Work Tips for Insurance Brokers and Agents | Insurance Broker Software
The global pandemic has forced a number of insurance brokerages to move to a fully remote workplace. Check out this Zywave article with 5 great tips to help your insurance agency adjust to operating remotely. 5 Remote Work Tips for Insurance Brokers and Agents | Insurance Broker Software
Industry News: Will a Homeowners Policy cover a Multi-Family Home School?
Organizations have a magnified responsibility at hand to create workplace environments where employees feel comfortable and confident speaking up where harassment and discrimination are concerned. Read this article on some ways employers can help create a safe work culture for their employees.
Effective Leadership Video from Winters-Oliver
Watch our latest animated video that shows how to build effective leadership within your organization. When you begin working on your leadership muscles, you get great results!
Industry News: Will a Homeowners Policy cover a Multi-Family Home School?
Back-to-school season is upon us and for many families, the school day will look very different this year. Parents may be weighing a move to a homeschool model or even an education co-op. Read this article from the latest issue of Independent Agent magazine regarding coverage for these different options.
Industry News: Hurricane Season Coverage
With hurricane season upon us, make sure you are well prepared! Here's an infographic on ways you can protect your home and family.
Industry News: Are depression and anxiety considered disabilities?
Read this article to learn more about what the Americans with Disabilities Act considers a disability and steps employers should take to work with their employees with depression and anxiety.
Industry News: Planning for Hurricane Seasons
Hurricane season is here and beyond being "weather aware" you should consider preparing your home and business. Read this blog post for resources on how you can best plan and prepare during this unpredictable season.
Community News: International Day of Friendship
This could not be more appropriate for our world now. The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.
Community News: Independence Day
Best Wishes for a great weekend. Even with social distancing we can all celebrate our country.
Community News: Happy Father's Day
Honoring all our Winters-Oliver fathers and those that play that important role in the lives of our children. Needed now more than ever.
Community News: National Flag Day
National flag Day honors Old glory and commemorates the adoption of the United States flag on June 14th, 1777.
Community News: Veterans Day
Honoring our Fallen Heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. May we never forget.
Community News: Honoring 2020 Graduates
Congratulations to all the 2020 graduates. Celebrating in spirit with you all and wishing you a bright future.
Community News: Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day to all our Winters-Oliver mothers and those of our clients & friends. This year is especially tough and you are all appreciated.
Community News: National Nurses Day
A big THANK YOU to all our Nurses and Healthcare workers during this world crisis. Your dedication and bravery go beyond words. #NationalNursesDay
Community News: Happy Easter
Happy Easter from Winters-Oliver. Hoping we can all get back together again soon.
Community News: Happy April Fool's Day
Wishing you all some fun on this unique April Fool's Day. Laughter can help pass the time as we try to stay connected.
Community News: Happy Valentine's Day
From all of us at Winters-Oliver. Happy Valentine's Day
Industry News: National Weatherman's Day
Happy National Weatherman's Day. Like us, preparing your for the future.
Community News: Happy New Year
Wishing for a happy and healthy 2020, and hoping all had a wonderful New Year's Day.
Industry News: Clear and present dangers I Virginia Business
Great article explaining the current state of the insurance market!
Industry News: The Most and Least Expensive to Insure New Vehicles.
You may want to read if you're thinking about buying a new car this summer!
Community News: Memorial Day
Remembering those who gave their lives, and honoring all who have sacrificed to serve our country.
We are moving to a new location, May 3rd, 2019.
We are moving to a new location, May 3rd, 2019. Our new offices will be located at located at 7231 Forest Ave, Suite 202, Richmond VA 23226 . We will be closed from 3:00-5:00 on 5/2/2019 due to the move. We will reopen for normal business hours 5/3/2019.
Community News: Party for the Planet
Beautiful day in RVA. Celebrating Party for the Planet at Tredegar. Lots to do and see!
Industry News: How to Sagely Thaw Frozen Pipes
Some good tips for this weekend. Hopefully we get a warm-up soon. Bundle up!
Industry News: How to Help Prepare for a Hurricane
A must read for the upcoming storm. Do what you can to minimize your damages.
Offices Closed for Labor Day.
We are having a long weekend, Happy Labor Day! We will be closed this Monday, September 3rd.
Community News: Chesterfield County Fair
Looks like great weather this weekend! Good time to check out the Chesterfield County Fair.
Industry News: Natural catastrophes could affect rates next year
This has been a year of catastrophes: hurricanes, high winds, floods and fires. Loss figures that are still being compiled likely will have an influence on commercial insurance rates next year. But to what extent rates will change, no one knows at this point.
Industry News: Winter Safe Winter Driving Tips
Industry News: Winter has hit hard. Everyone stay safe, especially on the roads.
Winters-Oliver named as the preferred insurance provider to the VACBP
Winters-Oliver was named as the preferred insurance provider to the Virginia Association of Community Based Providers (VACBP), a statewide association comprised of human service and behavioral health providers.
Winters Oliver earns the endorsement of FirstLight Home Care
Winters-Oliver was named as an endorsed insurance provider for FirstLight Home Care, a national non-medical home care franchise headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Winters-Oliver looks forward to assisting FirstLight Home Care franchisees with their commercial insurance.
Ben Winters attends NC Council conference
The North Carolina Council of Community MH/DD/SA Programs is the statewide association representing Local Management Entities-Managed Care Organizations (LME/MCOs) in North Carolina.
Making the claim for cyber security liability insurance
Ben Winters, CIC, Winters-Oliver Insurance was quoted in an article on Cyber Security Liability Insurance.
Ben Winters attends Annual Education Fall Conference for VAPCP
The Virginia Association of Personal Care Providers (VAPCP) is a statewide association for companies that provide in-home personal care services to the elderly and disabled.

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