Exploring Vision Insurance

April 19, 2021

According to WebMD, the eyes are the most highly developed sensory organs in your body. They report that more of your brain is dedicated to the sense of sight than

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Benefits of Remote Onboarding

April 14, 2021

Remote Onboarding Success Plan Remote workplaces have become very commonplace in our world today. In fact, a PwC survey of 669 CEOs, 78% agree that remote work is here for

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The Power of Praise

April 5, 2021

Think for a minute about all you have done today. Now, from that list of tasks, how many would you say you have done well? Again, from the list of

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Back to Basics: 3 Simple Tips for Building Healthy Kids

March 31, 2021

Do these promises sound familiar? “When I have kids, I’ll never let them eat XYZ.” “My kids will always eat whatever I put in front of them.” “Our family will

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Professional vs General Liability

February 25, 2021

General Liability protects a business from claims alleging bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, products or completed operations injuries.  Most general liability policies exclude coverage for liability

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Healthcare Companies and Employment Suits

Protecting Your Business and Your Patients from Your Employees Ben Winters, CIC Home care and hospice companies are usually required to run criminal background checks at the state level.  Have

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Cyber Liability 101

By Sherwood Bowditch Cyber Liability: The liability a business or individual encounters when communicating or conducting business online. Online communication tools can result in claims alleging breaches of privacy rights,

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Is a Traditional D&O Policy Enough?

By Sherwood Bowditch General Liability policies typically cover the cost of defense outside of the limit of insurance meaning attorney costs do not reduce the amount of insurance available to

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The Importance of Return-To-Work and Light Duty Policies for Injured Employees

At Winters-Oliver Insurance Agency, we work with businesses in many different industries. Two industries that experience more frequent workers compensation claims tend to be home healthcare and human services organizations.

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