Open Enrollment: Looking Backward to Plan Forward

September 7, 2021

When the autumn leaves fall and the weather turns cooler, we know it’s time to start thinking of open enrollment. Open enrollment season can be a confusing time. As you

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How to Use Early Open Enrollment for Employee Retention

August 26, 2021

Amid the economic panic last year, workers were unwilling to sacrifice job security for a new work environment.  Many workers felt it was foolish to re-enter the job market during

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Exploring Benefits Lingo

August 2, 2021

We all know how confusing and complex benefits and healthcare terms can be- the difference between deductible and co-insurance is a common question for many and there are plenty of

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The Importance of Return-To-Work and Light Duty Policies for Injured Employees

February 25, 2021

At Winters-Oliver Insurance Agency, we work with businesses in many different industries. Two industries that experience more frequent workers compensation claims tend to be home healthcare and human services organizations.

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